six keys to recruiting students

I was recently asked to be on a panel of students as part of the Sprott School of Business’ Career Conversations event.  The panel took place after the main networking events, and the purpose was to give recruiters a chance to get a student’s perspective on recruiting.  What works?  What doesn’t?  What could the recruiters be doing differently or more effectively?  The following six key points emerged from our discussion.

Come to Campus.  Having a presence on campus, either by attending networking events, hosting information sessions or having a current student serving as a campus representative, will put you on the map.  We can’t work for you if we don’t know who you are!

Be Consistent.  Once you’ve committed to attending one event, try committing to attending the rest of them.  It will help to build relationships with the students you’re trying to recruit, and the entire panel agreed that it gives a very favorable impression.  The more we see you, the more we like you!

We’ll listen to our friends.  If you have recent graduates, especially from our school working for you, bring them to the events.  Most of the time, we’ll know who they are, and we’ll trust their opinion of the workplace a lot more than yours.  A hidden perk: if current students know the recent grads, there’s a good chance it’s through extra-curriculars.  You’ll be speaking to the high-achieving, engaged students!

Participate in Social Media.  A social media presence won’t attract every new graduate, but for many, it will be the crucial ice breaker that makes or breaks a recruitment effort.  Even if it’s just the personal Twitter account of the recruiter, being able to informally connect with your company via social media is becoming more important to some students.  

Know your target.  Accounting students will expect one style of recruiting, while marketing students will expect another.  By knowing who you’re looking for at each event, you can tailor your approach!

Ask Strategic Questions!  If you read the last point and were at a loss as to targeting different concentrations, ask for help!  The Career Services Centre at any school will be able to assemble a panel of upper-year students for you to question about your recruitment efforts, or even put you in touch with individual students.  It’s a great opportunity for them to showcase soon-to-be graduates, and you’ll be able to get the answers you’ve been looking for!


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