share your goals already!

I used to work at lululemon athletica, and all us “lemons” (staff members) hung our framed goals on the wall in the store.  The intention behind this was that we wanted to not only share our culture of goal-setting and create really amazing, goal-oriented conversations with people in the store; we wanted to put ourselves out there too.  The more you share your goals, the more people will be able to offer you help and hold you accountable!

I have an amazing anecdote I like to pull out when proving the “share-your-goals” point to skeptics.  “Oh, I don’t want to share my goals, it’s not worth it/there’s no point.”  Au contraire, my soon-to-be-goal-sharing friend!

Let’s go back to those days when I hung my goals on the wall at lululemon.  In my career goals, I had “I work at a lululemon store in Sydney, Australia by February, 2010!”  I was heading abroad for a semester and really wanted to experience working at a store in Sydney.  Everyone I spoke with said the same thing: “They don’t really hire Canadians.  There’s no development opportunities since you’ll be leaving in a few months.”  I still wanted the experience, so I kept it up there on my goal sheet.

Cut to mid-August.  A woman walks up to me at the pant wall and asks me if Desirae is working that day.  “I’m Desirae!  …Who are you?”  She was Christi, the Community Manager for all the stores in Sydney.  She had been in line for the fitting room and had seen my goal of working at a store in Sydney in a few months’ time.  She proceeded to write her email address on the back of a lululemon logo sticker for me.  Trust me when I say I barely spoke about anything else for the rest of the day!

You just never know who will be able to help you achieve a goal. That’s why you should share them far and wide, and tap into the amazing, sometimes not-so-visible network of support around you!

And yes, I ended up working at a store in Sydney while I was there, and I loved every minute of it!



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A millennial on a mission: save half of her income. It turns out, it's easier said than done, which is why she's blogging about it every step of the way. From frugal event attendance to optimizing her spending and more, she's figuring it out alongside the other must-do personal finance steps in her 20s.

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