study strategy #1: be positive

A positive attitude makes a lot of things easier, including, apparently, studying for an Operations Management midterm.

As any university student in the Northern Hemisphere is well aware, it’s midterm season; October is the season of marathon study sessions, days measured in amount of coffee consumed and never being able to find a free desk in the library.

It’s also the season to trade study notes and helpful hints, and I stumbled on a great one today while studying for my Operations Management midterm.  To give a little background, Operations Management is a third year course, and it’s also a required course.  Some required courses are smooth sailing… This is not that class.  Let’s put it this way: I have little to no interest in the subject matter.

The midterm is non-negotiable however, meaning so is the studying, and that’s what I’ve been up to all day.  A few problems into my review, also known as the first time I’ve opened the textbook, I realized my dread was mostly unfounded.  It turns out that Operations Management is basic math married to a little bit of theory, and I’m really good at math.  The next few chapters haven’t quite flown by, but they were certainly more pleasant to get through thinking “I’m good at math” than “I hate Operations Management.”

So while it may seem like the most brutally obvious advice to give, it’s the season of sharing study tips, and this one really helped me today.  Find out what there is to love about the subject you’re studying, and keep it in mind as you study. It’ll make the hours go by much faster – you might even forget that you’ve been in the basement of MacOdrum library for six hours!


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