Why people are planning an intervention for me

Or, Living Your Moksha Week 2. Totally your call.

So I had my last exam this morning, and I figured hey, I have yet to stay for the full exam time, or even close to it, in my four years at Carleton. My exam is technically from 9AM until 12, so that leaves me plenty of time to make it to a noon Moksha class! Right? Wrong. Well, not wrong, but not necessarily right either.

The exam was STAT2607, which I’ve been putting off taking since second year. I like my prof, and I don’t mind math, so I walked into the exam fully confident that it would be no problem. Until I sat down and encountered the War and Peace of math exams. Seriously, this exam was a monster. Not in term of difficulty, but sheer length. It was so long. SO long.

An epic battle ensued between business statistics and myself, and with two spare minutes to go before 11:30AM, my self-imposed exam deadline so that I could make it to class on time, I handed in a complete, if not checked-over exam. Which is fine, because I never check over my exams anyways! So I sent a victory text message to a friend, because when you win an epic battle, that’s just what you do, and I relayed the tale. His reply:

“So you threw your education to the wind so that you could make it to yoga? I think it’s time for an intervention.”

Well, I mean, when you look at it that way…


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