managing stress

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in love with the Sprott Business Communications Club.  Head over heels, the real deal, Romeo-and-Juliet style love.  It’s a club where students can go to practice their public speaking skills, and I think it’s the most inclusive, lovely group of people you’ll find on campus.

Each month, SBCC has a theme for our meetings, and this month’s theme is managing stress.  Pretty appropriate given that the majority of us are not only high achieving students who won’t accept a bad grade on a midterm, we’re also really involved in all the other acronyms at school (JDCC, SBSS, ICBC… I think I’ve made my point, and those are just the ones I’m currently involved in.)

The funniest part is that this extra commitment, this hour I take out of my studying and my week to participate in SBCC, is what helps me manage stress.  There’s no better way to describe me in these meetings but “joyous.”  I love the people, I love public speaking and we have hilarious, fun-filled meetings.  One time, we moved it like Bernie every time someone said the word of the day.  Who wouldn’t love that?

It really is the best of both worlds – I get to manage my stress while adding something else to my laundry list of acronyms.  So dear Sprott students:  why aren’t you in SBCC too?

We meet Wednesdays at noon in 710A DT.


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