top ten reasons i’m happy to be back at school

A lot of people have less than positive things to say about Carleton starting classes mid-week when most other universities don’t get started until Monday the 9th, but I couldn’t be more excited to be back at school!  Even if I wasn’t, isn’t it always better to look on the bright side?  It’s a whole lot easier than trying to negotiate with the University’s scheduling office, and you have a much better chance of success.  But I am, so here’s a list of ten of the reasons why!

1. It’s a much shorter week, and I’m already done all my classes!  I feel productive and accomplished, without having had to do all that much.
2. Campus is gorgeous on sunny winter days like today.

3. Rooster’s pitas.
4. The fieldhouse is open for the first time since exams started in December – I like running outside and all, but sometimes you just want to run without worrying about frostbite, you know?
5. Back to school is also back to new TV seasons – please don’t judge me, but I couldn’t be happier that the Biggest Loser is back with a new season!  Life goal: work out with Bob Harper someday.
6. My teams for group projects this semester are amazing.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of my professors who understand that random assignment of groups isn’t necessary or helpful in upper year classes!
7. I caved in and started using my shiny new 2012 agenda.  Let’s be serious, did anyone think I was going to be able to wait 4 months to start using it?

8. In only 15 days, I’ll be in the middle of the buffer zone and kicking off the best JDC Central competition yet!
9. It’s my last semester of school, so not only am I committed to kicking butt in my classes and enjoying every moment, it’s also far enough away from being over that I’m not terrified yet!
10. This Saturday is the SBSS winter retreat, and I’ll be tubing down mountains (OK, hills) with some of my closest friends all day.  If that’s not a perk of being back at school, I don’t know what is!

Admit it, you have at least one or two reasons you’re happy to be back as well, even if it’s just that tonight is the first Thirsty Thursday of the new year 😉


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