i’m going to win the potluck.

About a week ago, not really sure what I was going to bring to a Superbowl party I was invited to, I asked about healthy Superbowl recipes on Twitter. After @RobStalker make fun of me for not really understanding the Superbowl if I thought healthy food was the goal, @lgouchie saved the day and sent me a link to a magically delicious recipe for Cookie Dough Dip from Add a Pinch.

I’ve never been that into food blogs, probably in part because I don’t really cook, but this one is amazing. Her recipes are so simple that even I felt confident I could create something that kind of resembled the images on her blog, so I typed out my list of ingredients and was off.

Yes, that is a pile of the gorpiest, most delicious ingredients known to man, thank you for asking.

I followed the recipe to a “T” and can’t really offer much constructive advice that can’t already be found in the original blog post or the incredibly informative comment thread (a huge thank you to the person who had already asked what to do if you don’t have anything more than a bowl and a spoon for mixing, by the way!)  The one thing I will share?  Don’t look at the nutritional labels.  Seriously, just don’t do it.  Nothing good can come from knowing how many calories are in this dip, and everything good can come from eating this dip and doing an extra workout or three next week.  It is freaking delicious, and worth every extra kilometer you’ll run. (Look who gets the Superbowl now, Rob.)

I only sampled it once, I swear.

I’ll be serving a double batch of this delicious dip later on tonight with graham crackers for dipping.  I’ll update the post with the overall feedback I get on it later!



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