goals: an update!

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love goal setting, and am a firm believer in writing your goals down.  I’ve been slacking on this, since I generally update my goals every three months to track my progress and make sure my goals are still in line with what I want.  I haven’t updated them since January, and a lot has changed since then!  Here’s a brief update on the goals I’ve achieved since then and the new goals they’ll lead me to set.

This is a big one, because I achieved both of my one-year goals for my career already this year!  The last time I sat down to set goals, I wrote:

I graduate with a 10.6 CGPA by April 30th, 2012.
I am working in a marketing or communications role by September 1st, 2012.

As of May 1st, I’ve officially graduated with a CGPA of 10.75 overall, a goal that goes as far back as my 2009 Christmas goal shirt from lululemon.

This picture is recent – I held onto the shirt for 3 years!

Part of achieving this goal lead me to crossing the second goal off of my list, which was working in a marketing or communications role by September.  As of April 3rd, 2012, I’m a full-time eMarketer with bv02, aka my dream job.  If you missed the website and Twitter campaign I ran as part of my application, you can check out the website here.  Side note to everyone who thinks this is an awesome initiative: it was also terrifying.  I was so nervous when I hit submit that this could be viewed as completely unprofessional and weird, and it took a huge leap of faith to go through with it.  The biggest takeaway that I’ve had is that achieving goals often happens way outside of your comfort zone!

We’re the coolest office ever, in case you were wondering.

What’s next?  In terms of career goals, I’m not quite as sure.  I know that I’ll be working on transitioning the focus of my blog to health and fitness, and increasing my focus on blogging, but beyond that I’m not sure!  I’ll be working it out over the next month and talking to some people in my field about what a measurable stretch goal looks like within an eMarketing role for the next year.

Health and Fitness
No goals getting crossed off the list in this area yet!  My focus right now is preparing for the 10K in the Ottawa Race Weekend, in which I’m going for a personal best and an under-60 minute finish.  This is my first step towards the half marathon in September!  After the half, I’ll be focusing on more yoga over the winter to gear up for Wanderlust next year with my mom.

I’ve set up an appointment next week to get my savings automated and in order, and I’ll be blowing the following goal out of the water:

I save 10% of my income by September 1st, 2012.

I’ve replaced it with a renewed focus on reading, and I’ll be reading 12 books before the end of the year.  I also want to move blogging into my career goals, so I have an empty space in my one-year goals for personal.  I don’t want to fill it hastily, so I’ll be taking a week to evaluate where I want to put more focus for my personal goals this year.  Focus is important, and I want to ensure I’m putting it on the right areas!  Stay tuned for an update on that in the next week or two.

That’s my goal update for May 2012.  Do you have any goals you’ve recently accomplished?  I’d love to hear about them!


About Des

A millennial on a mission: save half of her income. It turns out, it's easier said than done, which is why she's blogging about it every step of the way. From frugal event attendance to optimizing her spending and more, she's figuring it out alongside the other must-do personal finance steps in her 20s.

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