i’m doing the #RWRunStreak – are you?

When I first heard about the Runner’s World run streak (#RWRunStreak, for those of you who, like me, sometimes speak in hashtag) it was in a blog post from someone doing the winter run streak.  For the life of me I can’t remember whose blog it was in, so mystery winter runner, I’m sorry I won’t be linking to your post!  Anyways, at the time it was a cool concept, nothing more, and it explained what a run streak was.

For those of you who haven’t heard, a run streak is a challenge set out by Runner’s World Magazine that challenges their community to commit to running at least a mile a day, no matter what.  Too hot out?  Go run your mile.  Tired?  Go run, for one mile.  Have other plans?  One mile and you.  Do it.  You get the idea.

When the winter run streak happened, I heard about it midway through, was in the middle of exams, and considered the Canadian winter plenty excuse enough not to join in.  Then a couple of days ago, a tweet popped up from Runner’s World introducing the summer run streak.  From May 28th to July 4th (both significant holidays in the U.S.) you commit to running at least one mile, every day.  As soon as I read it, exceptions starting popping into my head.  “Well, on May 28th I’m at the bv02 retreat…” and “Oh, that weekend I’m out of town…”

So I decided to do it.  The more excuses I could think of, the more reason there is to commit to this challenge.  It’s between my training for the 10K and the beginning of my training for the Army Half Marathon, it’ll keep me running and I do really well with public challenges.  I’ve also really enjoyed the past yoga challenges I’ve done, and I’ve found that this kind of structure helps me stay in integrity with my training.  I’m also really interested to see what comparisons I can draw between this challenge and my yoga challenges.  If they’re anything alike, I’ll learn at least a few valuable lessons along the way!

Plus, in the summer, a one-mile run from my house looks a little like this…

So, in a few days, I’ll be starting the summer #RWRunStreak.  Join me?


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