a win for stretch goals, ottawa race weekend edition

Drumroll please!  Introducing my new personal best for the 10K… 55:42!

Talk about a win for stretch goals.  For the past few weeks, I’d adjusted my goal time from 55:00 up to 60:00 because of interruptions in training and being realistic about the pace I could maintain over 10K, but I secretly was still aiming for 55:00. This goes against everything I’ve ever said about sharing your goals, so bear with me.  It’s a good thing I was still aiming for 55 in my head, and here’s why.

While under an hour is a perfectly respectable goal time for a 10K race, it’s one I knew I could easily achieve.  I’d been running under a 6-minute kilometre on all of my training runs, so it was less of a goal and more of an “I’ll be happy with this time.”  I was settling.  Thankfully, in my head I still really wanted that 55-minute time.  Why thankfully?  Because during the race, I could have backed off.  I could have slowed down when I started to feel my quads protesting, but I didn’t.  Why not?  Because that 55 minute pace bunny was right in front of me.  At one point, I almost touched him.  I didn’t cause I’m not creepy (well, not that creepy) but still.  I was within creepy-touching distance of my goal, and there’s no way I was giving it anything less than my all.

So I did, and thanks to that stretch goal, I remained within creepy touching distance of my goal time and ran a 55:42 minute 10K, setting a new personal best and shaving over 10 minutes (10 minutes!) off my last 10K time.  To share some of the experience with all of you (whether you were there or will be tomorrow or not) here are some of my pictures from the race!

The scene at the start line – and these were only the people starting behind us! Note the awesome bright green race shirts this year.

Rob and I, happy as clams with our finishers medals!

Confidential to every single person who volunteered this weekend, came out to cheer and supported me in my training: thank you from the bottom of my heart.  None of this would have been possible or nearly as fun without each and every one of you.  Special thanks to my amazing training partner, Rob!


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