#RWRunStreak – Week 1 Recap

…or the variety of excuses I didn’t cave in to this week.  To keep it simple, I’m going to go by day.

Day 1 – The Hangover Edition
The first day of the Run Streak happened to also be the first day of my first-ever bv02 retreat.  I knew this when I first decided to start the run streak, but I also knew that our specific brand of corporate retreat has left some people feeling, well, a little dehydrated from time to time.  That first day was no exception, and for a while on Monday morning I was mostly sure I was going to die.  Still went running, though!  I roped one of my co-workers, Jason, into run-streaking with me, so he dragged my hungover butt out onto the gorgeous trails surrounding our resort in Tremblant, and I’m really glad he did, because it was gorgeous and I managed a brutal 2 miles.  I did earn the nickname “veloci-runner” due to a startlingly bad picture taken of us running in which I look like a horrifying dinosaur of sorts, but looking good is for rest days, so I’ve made my peace with it.

If this was your path, you’d go running with a hangover too.

Day 2 – The One Where I Planned Ahead
After the, no exaggeration, horror of my hangover on Monday morning, I was dedicated to NOT feeling that way on Tuesday.  I know I feel my best on more than 7 hours of sleep and having gone for a run in the morning, so I made sure that happened and I did my mile in the morning.  This involved being the anti-life of the party on Monday night, but somehow I managed to combine that with winning the drink-making competition with my team’s deliciously sweet mix of orange juice, SourPuss, peach schnapps and ginger ale.  It’s all about a balanced lifestyle, people.

A few key ingredients to victory.

Day 3 – The One Where I Loved Running
Wednesday we all got home from the retreat, and while I did spend a few hours of my evening catching up on reality TV (you know you love it, don’t lie) I also made sure to get out for a run.  I got out there mostly by reassuring myself that it was only a mile, and that I didn’t have to come anywhere close to my race pace.  Turns out, taking the time pressure out of the run was just what I needed, and I ended up running more than 4 kilometres!  It was really nice to ease off the intense time pressure I had been putting on my training leading up to the 10K, and just relax into it.  I really love running.

Day 4 – The One Where I Got Up Early
A boring title for a boring day.  Did about a mile and a half, in the morning, loved it.  No real life lessons learned, but my Nike+ app did congratulate me on a four-day running streak!

Day 5 – The One Where I Felt Lazy?
Friday morning, I had the weirdest experience.  I got up early, got my shoes on, ran half a mile uphill and then turned around and ran back home.  I met my goal for the day, and kept up my running streak.  As a result of this, I felt… lazy.  Lazy because I had only run a mile, and easily could have run more.  Schwhat?  I’m running every day, which I’ve never done before in my life, and I feel lazy because those runs aren’t long enough?  I’m liking this paradigm shift, people.

Day 6 – The One With Company
Ugh.  Saturday morning.  Got up, got coffee, got back into bed with a book.  It was glorious.  For about an hour, I vacillated between “just go running” and “ten more pages.”  Thankfully, I know other people who run, and they’re pretty great about holding you accountable.  I recruited company for my run (OK fine, they recruited me) and together we did more than 5K in somewhat blustery weather.

Day 7 – The One With The Angry Birds
I WAS ATTACKED BY A BIRD!  No, but actually.  For a full video of someone else having the same life experience, see CTV Ottawa’s coverage of the phenomenon, but let’s just say these birds are not happy.  On a nice 7-kilometre run along the Canal, a red-winged black bird got pretty pissed off I was on their turf, and dive-bombed me.  It was startling, even knowing that they’ve been doing it to pretty much everyone, but it also makes for an amazing story.

That was week 1 of the run streak!  So far so good, and after 7 days of running, I can’t wait to see what the next weeks hold as I ramp up my half-marathon training while still making time for a run every day.


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  1. Congrats on your one week! I had never heard of #RWRunStreak before, but it sounds like a great way to motivate people to go out running!

    Because of an unexpected commitment to running the 5k leg of a team triathlon and my tendency to challenge myself, I’m 1 week into an 8 week race preparation program. Contrary to my expectations, I’m enjoying myself!

    One of my favorite tools when running is the Nike+ running application. I like how it visually keeps track of what I do.

    Do you have any pro running tips you wish you knew when you started?

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