about me

You know how they say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone?  I must be the most alive right now, because I so very much don’t like talking about myself!  But I guess you clicked the link to find out who I am, and you seem like a great person, so let me give you a bit more info to go on here.

I’m Desirae, a runner who loves yoga, reading, goal setting and stretchy pants.  I’m 23, I live in Ottawa and I work at the coolest company on earth with some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.  By day, my official title is “eMarketer / Copywriter,” but I prefer “writer of things and lover of the Twitters.”  I technically do more than that, but don’t tell anyone.

As for the things I write about, I like to write about running, yoga and fitness.  Why?  The short story is that the more people are counting on you to write about something, the more of it you do, and I love pasta way too much to be a food blogger.  I would eat the world out of house and home.  The long story will show up in a blog post someday, and involves a high school cross country team with a coach who, bless him, didn’t make cuts to the team.  I was slowwwww.  Getting into running taught me that my body could do more than just be skinny, which seems obvious, but was the most important lesson high-school me needed to learn at the time.

From there, I went on to university to start and finish my Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Marketing, and in my second year I lucked into the most mismatched of roommate situations.  I kid you not, the three of us were maybe the most different people you could have found to share a living space.  Before I moved out, I had a thought.  “These aren’t my people.  Maybe I should find some.”  So I applied to work at lululemon.

I’d always been into yoga and running, so it seemed like a good fit, although I didn’t yet know how good.  Not to gush here, but my time working at lululemon has given me a best friend who’s more like a sister, a lifelong passion for goal setting, international work experience (what’s up, Australia!) and a gorgeous, ultra-functional workout wardrobe.  I flipping loved my time with them, and it established fitness as a habit and love in my life.

That brings us to today, where I’m training for a half-marathon (my first), learning to cross-train (I don’t) and balancing my running, yoga, life, career and personal goals!  I blog about this stuff because it helps hold me accountable, and I believe in sharing your goals.

My happy places include the end of a long run, my toaster, book stores and my yoga mat.  I also have a special place in my heart for any place I’ll be in the company of small or especially strange looking animals.  My dream is to own a dachshund by the name of Watson, dress it up as a detective and discuss incredibly serious things with him or her in a ridiculous British-esque accent.  I’m exceptionally bad at accents.

If any of the above sounds even remotely interesting, leave me the link to your blog!  Because let’s be serious, if you got through the part about Watson, we’re likely going to be friends.



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